Our Distractions Are Too Loud

It has been almost eight months since my last blog post and I will tell you why. Simply put, I felt as though God has been silent because he was not speaking to me in a way I expected him to. Truth is, I am not entirely sure what I expected the voice of God to sound like, or how he would even speak to me. However, I did know I was not expecting it to be so subtle.

For months, I have been solely focusing on the cares of this world and not resting in the promise that everything will be added unto me once I seek first the Kingdom and his righteousness (Matthew 6:33 KJV). This revelation was everything but an obvious discovery. Why? Because, my distractions were too loud.

In the wake of this global pandemic, one thing is clear. We all can become consumed in our distractions. The timing of the Coronavirus has certainly been convenient for exactly no one. While reality as we know it continues to shift, most of us are in full panic mode, stocking up on survival items and filling our souls with the media whose main intent is to spread fear — which God has not given us the spirit of (2 Timothy 1:7 KJV). In the midst of all of this, have we taken the time to ask God what he is saying to us in this season? Or are we going to continue to allow news outlets to distract us from seeking truth (Jesus)?

As the virus continues to spread and claim the lives of many, it is evident that our time here on earth is like the morning fog. It is here a little while, then it is gone (James 4:14 NLT).

In this season, I encourage you to mute your distractions, pray unceasingly, pick up your love letter (the Bible), and listen to what your Heavenly Father wants to say because he has a plan, and we are meant for eternity.

Until next time,


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